How Many Liters Are In a Gallon


Bottled drinking water gallon that we know, has a 19-liter volume as indicated on the label a gallon. But for volume 19 liters of this does not mean the same as volume 1 gallon unit. The units of gallons are one measure of volume as well as liters. Based on conversion of volume units of gallons into liter unit, 1 gallon = 3.79 liters instead of 19 liters.

How Many Liters Are In a Gallon
How Many Liters Are In a Gallon

When looking into the gallon that we know as packaging 19 liters, this is not the packaging for 1 gallon unit, but the packaging volume = 5 gallons, why? Because 19 liters = 5 gallons. Precisely 18.9 liters = 5 gallons. On a gallon of brands never cite the writings of 5 gallons in the body a gallon.

But now it’s no longer a gallon bottled water brand that lists the contents of the 5 gallon, and most of which are listed on the label NET only 19 liters. One reason for this may be because the unit of volume gallons less so popular in our society compared to the units of liters.

We think it is important to note, in order for communities to assume that 1 gallon = 19 liters. And as a result will occur is a wrong calculation when converting from the units of gallons into liter units. 1 gallon how many liters? A gallon is often used to declare the content of unit 1 gallon bottled water refills. But internationally units of gallon of different value with gallons of bottled water.

The following explanation of how many liters 1 gallon:
1 gallon = 19 liters of bottled water
1 Gallon (US) = 3.78541 liters

Conversion formula gallon bottled water to liters:
1 gallon = 19 liters
A gallon = 19 x a liter

The formula for the conversion of gallon size (US) International:
1 Gallon (US) = 3.78541 liters
A Gallon (US) = 3.78541 liters x a

The following explanation of the use of the conversion formula gallon:
1.8 gallons of bottled water are how many liters?
2. International standard size 8 gallon how many liters?
3.9 gallons of bottled water are how many liters?
4. International standard size 9 gallon how many liters?

The answer is:
1.8 gallons = 19 x 8 liters = 152 liters
2. The 8 gallon = 3.78541 liters x 8

8 gallons = 30.28328 liters

3.9 gallons of bottled water = 19 x 9 liters = 171 liters
4.9 Gallon = 3.78541 liters x 9 = 34.06869 liters.

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