How Much Does a Paralegal Make


A paralegal is a person who acts to carry out advocacy work both in the law and the law in the resolution of a problem. The function and role of Paralegals, among others, is to provide legal assistance to the community of seekers of Justice.

How Much Does a Paralegal Make
How Much Does a Paralegal Make

Do the strengthening of community organizations, initiate an investigation of a case, do the legal documentation of a case, the collection of evidence and recording the history of the land society and do the reporting.

In the practice of law in some States, paralegals are individuals working in the areas of the legal profession which usually became Assistant advocates and individuals.

A paralegal is responsible for conducting the investigation, analysis and regulate his daily tasks in a given case. When the work of paralegals is already approaching the intersection from the case, then their work is limited and must be in the supervision of advocates, who will take responsibility for the work of a paralegal.

Many paralegals continued his studies at the law school and eventually became an advocate. In the United States, the profession of paralegal has increased since it was introduced in 1960.

During that year, law firms and individual legal practitioners use the road for work efficiency and cost effective in carrying out its work. Where community justice-seekers in need of legal services. Currently, more than 224,000 paralegals who work and here are some categories of Paralegals.

Legal Aid

Granting services in the field of law to a person involved in a case or matter, which is characterized by: the granting of legal aid services for free, is set aside for those who cannot afford, and the main motivation is by defending law enforcement the interests and rights of small people.

Legal Assistance

In addition to contain the meaning and purpose of giving legal aid services, also closer to understanding who we know as advocates who give aid to poor people ranging from who can afford or can’t pay.

Legal Service

Aims to provide assistance to members of the public that the operation was aimed at eliminating discriminatory facts in enforcement and granting of services among poor people who earn small wealthy communities with which controlled the source of funds and positions of power. The legal service operates more inclined to resolve any dispute with roads traverse the way of peace.

How much does a Paralegal make in America?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary for a Paralegal in America the average is $49.960. Then for the lowest salary is less than $29,390, and the highest salary was $75,400. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the profession of Paralegal is expected to grow by 18 percent from the year 2010 to 2020.

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