How To Authorize a Computer on iTunes


iTunes or as it is often called the Russian speaking users with the name tuna is a free program from Apple, available for Mac and PC. This program will allow you to organize your media content on your computer.

How To Authorize a Computer on iTunes
How To Authorize a Computer on iTunes

It also will allow you to view videos and listen to music, and also allows you to manage all the applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. This program users can also make purchases directly from the iTunes Store.

Well, if you want to purchase a variety of apps for iPhone and iPad, you need to authorize your computer in iTunes. To do this, you must have an account in the App Store and a computer with an internet connection will be installed to run iTunes.

If you like things simple and easy, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with the step by step instructions on how to authorize your computer in iTunes here.

  1. Before you begin, you must install the latest version of iTunes and connect to the Internet.
  2. If you start iTunes, you will see a new window, please enter your Apple ID and password and then authorize your computer. But if this window does not appear, you can follow on the next Store menu select authorize this computer.
  3. In the Apple ID, you will be asked to enter your email address and password before you used when registering your account you selected.
  4. Once you have finished entering your username and password, then the button will become active and will soon make the authorization process on your computer.

You need to know that there is a time limit on the number of simultaneously on five iTunes computer. So if you want to go from six computer, you need to create a deauthorize in advance at one of the five computers that were previously in the authorization.

In addition, this way is also very useful to familiarize deauthorize any other computer you use. If you leave it to the State authorities, anyone can use your account to notify paid applications and any unauthorized use of your money.

To do the deauthorize computer in iTunes, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Begin to open iTunes
  2. Go to menu and then select the Store computer authorizations.
  3. During login the next time you will always be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password to change the computer to deauthorize.
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password, and then click on the button to become active, then choose authorizations.

In addition, you can also cancel the authorization in any other way. To do this, way too easy to go to the iTunes Store and click the left mouse button on the triangle to the right of your e-mail address. Then on the menu, select Exit.

For security reasons, you can also choose to cancel the authorization once a year on all computers at one time by following these steps:

  1. Go to the iTunes Store on the left side of the window.
  2. If the input to the authentication fails, you can begin the steps which we have described above.
  3. Go to the next store in the menu view My Account.
  4. In the Account information properties, which is located at the top of the Apple ID you will find some line that is the power of the computer: 2 computers authorized to play content purchase with Apple ID. It will also show the amount of the authorized computers in your account. After that there will be an option button All authorizations. Then the last step you select deauthorize all computers that log on iTunes in your account.

How pretty easy isn’t it? To authorize and cancel the deauthorize of your computer in iTunes it’s easy and you can try it yourself at home.

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