How To Cast on Knitting


Before you start knitting, it helps us to equate perception first, that it is still in one category. So, crochet and knit, both knitting techniques. Because there are still many people who are arguing about understanding the crochet themselves.

How To Cast on Knitting
How To Cast on Knitting

After having the same perception, our new understanding about everything related to knitting, crochet, starting from understanding the difference with crochet, knitting, knitting equipment, symbols in knitting, crochet terms, skewer a variety of knitting, and so on.

Knitting is divided into two ways, i.e. crochet and knitting. Simply crochet using knitting needles 1 while using two needles. As a beginner, it is advisable to learn crochet because it’s easier to learn.

Crochet technique is a technique of processing threads to form tangles with one rod hooks, needles, and songket. And the results of the overall relationship will form a new material or objects.

The difference of crochet and knitting:
Crochet using single needle called the Hook, hakpen, and hakken. As for the needles called double knit, breien, and also knitting needle.

Knitting equipment:
Hook, hakpen, and hakken. Hakpen has a size assortment. Its use will be adjusted to the size of the thread. Because if hakpen is too small, the results will be too tightly knit and rigid. Vice versa, if the hakpen is too large, then the results will look great knitted and perforated.

Choose a thread and Needle

If you decide to start learning type of crochet, you should first know the size of the various hakpen. For the initial project should choose needles with larger sizes, so makes it easy to hand hold the needles. We recommend to select the needle size 4 mm.

The yarn also has many sizes, adjust thread reply will be used with a size of hakpen. Threads and hakpen can be bought at the store threads there are online shop selling yarns and hakpen.


Many tutorials that already give examples of basic crochet and skewer skewer term beginning knitting. Well, you can try exercises used to puncture the base.

Choose a Project

Once you know the basic techniques of the skewer, choose projects that are not too large and the work was not very complicated. Next, choose a simple project that you want to create.

We recommend to try making quilts with a pattern granny square blanket or with a simple motif. Or you can find crochet patterns and knitting are many on the internet.

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