How To Change WiFi Password ATT


How to change the password of wifi-equipped, this time we will give you a Tutorial How to change the password and the name of the id and a variety of wifi modem. Typically, password WiFi wants us to Fox when we forget the password of WiFi or when we have known others, so our internet connection sometimes not maximum.

How To Change WiFi Password ATT
How To Change WiFi Password ATT

This is due to the large number of clients who use private internet facilities belonging to us without permission and lightly. Hear the word WIFI I’m sure is not a term that is familiar to you all. However, what the heck actually understanding wifi? Without much further ADO, let’s discuss together about the term.

WiFi is short for Wireless Fidelity, namely conducting a media, wireless data communications that can be used for communication or transfer the programs and data with the ability to very quickly.

Why can it be faster? Because the media are conducting using radio signals work on certain frequencies. Perhaps the term is widely known by the public wifi as a medium for internet only, but can also be enabled as a network wirelessly (wireless) like in big companies and also in the cafe.

These are termed regular wireless network with LAN (local area network). So between computers in what one can be interconnected with any other computer that is located differently.

Step 1

Go to the PC in your system, this is the button was originally for the PC. This is related to the switch with Ethernet links.

Step 2

Open your PC Web browser.

Step 3

Write the url in the browser address bar and press Enter. Next, you will be prompted to enter the name of the client and the secret key, and also the sort of administrator in the user name column. Sort by the administrator in the password field, and then press Enter to switch UI.

Step 4

Changing the switch settings are to your liking. For example, to change the name of the gadget system SSID and WEP security key, press Remote connection. Check the container with the enable wireless if requested and make Your adjustments. Press the yellow triangle in the upper right corner, and then click Save and Restart.

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