How to Create and Use AR Emoji on Galaxy S9


Features, AR (Augmented Reality) Emoji brought by flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 reportedly more sophisticated than Animoji offered by Apple’s iPhone X.

How to Create and Use AR Emoji on Galaxy S9
How to Create and Use AR Emoji on Galaxy S9

Animoji iPhone X only displays emoji with voice and facial movement of its users, while AR Emoji displayed Galaxy S9 really able to create the resemblance of the user’s face which can then be distributed through instant messaging application.

Here’s a brief description of AR Emoji Samsung Galaxy S9 features as well as the steps to create and use it. The AR Emoji Galaxy S9 feature works by creating a digital animated resemblance of facial expressions that can then be used to record the facial expressions of its users.

At a glance this feature is similar to Bitmoji characters, only this one is better. This feature will create avatars of its users and allow them to determine their own skin color, hair, glasses, clothing, and many other special features.

This device will use similarities to create a selectable emoji from 18 animated stickers that can be used in third-party messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

It allows users to share AR Emoji even with friends who are on different messaging platforms. Users who do not want to use their own faces can wear Mickey Mouse’s face. Samsung has teamed up with Disney for the use of Hulk or Mickey Mouse characters.

Here’s how to create and use AR Emoji on Galaxy S9:

  1. Open the camera application, then press the Emoji AR mode at the top.
  2. Photos of your face image as will selfie then the AR Emoji feature will automatically detect the main data points such as eyes, mouth, nose, etc. to create a digital version of the photo. Emoji that formed may not look like your real face. Therefore, there is an option to tweak to make it more perfect.
  3. Once you have created a digital version of your face, just use the front camera to record voice and facial expressions before sending the funny animation to friends.

Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus are the only devices that come with an AR Emoji feature installed in the camera application.

Samsung has not confirmed whether the feature will also be incorporated into other Galaxy devices. This feature only relies on the front camera to record the digital data face shape and no additional hardware such as 3D depth sensor.

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