How To Curl Your Hair With a Straightener


For straight-haired woman who wants her hair curly fascinate but do not have the special tool, this simple tutorial might be helpful. To start, we need just a hair straightener.

How To Curl Your Hair With a Straightener
How To Curl Your Hair With a Straightener

In addition to color, a woman also likes to change his haircut in order to make the appearance look more fresh. To produce the look of curly, they usually rely on hair roller to use chemicals.

A slightly different hairdos will make your appearance also changes. If you’re bored with Your straight hairstyles, curly models try to look more volume and face look more attractive.

To get order a more natural curly hair, we recommend that you use the tools hair straighteners. Curling iron will only make your hair curly.

You can create curls using a curling iron that is widely sold in the market. But you can also get an order of naturally curly hair by using hair straighteners.

Using a hair straightener, you will more easily crimp in less time. How do you curl your hair with a straightener? The following is the easiest way that you can try.

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry, then puree with a comb. Take a hair straightener that has a width of 2.5-5 cm. And then heat up to the desired level of warmth.
  2. Divide hair into two sections. Separate the two parts of the hair from the bottom of the scalp (in hair) and out of the hair. Spray the hair with a protective fluid using heat.
  3. Then take the hair straightener and curl the hair one by one. Roll the hair up to half the length of the hair to become frizzy. Hold for a few minutes. Remove the roll of hair slowly by means of releasing the hair straightener down towards the bottom of the hair shaft.
  4. To get loose curls, comb your hair with your fingers. Then spray the Hairspray.

Well, now your appearance has changed and not boring anymore. In addition to this new appearance, surely the confidence will also increase. Good luck, have a nice day.

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