How To Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight


Tomorrow there will be an important event in the Office, the party had already been awaited, or even a date with your sudden, but today there are acne bulging red appears in the face. Imagine appeared on the show the next day with the red dots on the face that caught my attention, it was already ashamed first.

How To Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight
How To Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight

Drink antibiotics may be able to reduce the redness, but will need a few days to see the results, whereas your event will take place tomorrow. Is there a way to remove acne overnight? Indeed stubborn acne sucks. Appearance that originally attracted can become cluttered with the stubborn acne.

Thousands of ways used to remove acne so as not to interfere with the appearance. We often use the way they did it with a shortcut, such as by pressing so that the acne heal faster when it should be avoided because it will cause permanent scars on the face. Let us read the following 4 simple tips that can easily get rid of acne overnight only.

1. Use ice cubes to compresses an unused.

We often use the easy way and considered a shortcut for the sake of being able to remove acne. Pressing 2 fingers with acne often become the mainstay of acne quickly so that the way to go. This way not only makes the scars on the face, bad bacteria that are in the hands of a great opportunity to move also.

Before going to bed at night, make it a habit to put ice cubes on the surface of the pimples are flushed. The chill of ice cubes is capable of reducing inflammation in acne. Not only safer, it also is not painful at all

2. Paste Masks of wood powder and honey

It is well known there are a myriad of benefits that are owned by the honey. Combine honey and wood powder and mix evenly. Stir-stir until dough shaped pasta. Apply evenly on face especially on the part of the breakouts.

Just like ice cubes, this mask will reduce inflammation naturally. In order to prevent the mask on your face does not spread on the surface of the pillow and bed linens, you can put a towel on top of the pillowcase.

3. Rinse face with lemon water

Lemon water can also be used as a weapon of a hard pimple Remover removes. The high content of vitamin C and citrus acid concentration was able to cure acne. The way you need to do is also quite easy really.

The first step, a squeeze of lemon and then brush on the entire surface of the face perfectly. Wait to dry and let stand overnight. Congratulations to feel pleased the next morning.

4. Use sea salt

Not many people know that salt can also be used to remove the pimple instantly. Kitchen spice this one believed can dry out the Zit. In addition, bacteria that cover the skin pores can also disappear.

In fact, the physical texture of a rather harsh salts can be used to remove dead skin cells on your face. To be able to help quell the pimple, you simply mix with 1 tsp salt 2 tbsp warm water.

Stir well until both these materials are mixed perfectly. Then apply a cotton bud on the solution you’ve created earlier. Apply gently on pimples on the face and let sit until morning.

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