How To Get Rid of Ants


The beauty of the home is very important for the residents as well as guests who visit home. Dream home is not just a home that has a nice interior and exterior and expensive. But regardless of it all a beautiful home is a healthy home, clean and convenient for those who inhabit her. It is necessary to note the presence of insects or rodents that if will make your House a mess, damaged, much less uncomfortable. One of the many insect destroyer home is ants.

How To Get Rid of Ants
How To Get Rid of Ants

The presence of ants is very common to find your home. No doubt you’ve ever been or even often feel distracted by the presence of animals such as mice cockroaches and ants. The existence of these animals signifies and give the impression that your home is not clean and healthy. The Ant is indeed very disturbing the comforts of home. Moreover, with the number of those who do not are few and very diverse. According to research, the ants had over 1200 different species in this world.

As we know, may have also been much seen in the cartoon, TV and other events such as Net Geo that ants living in a large colony headed by a Queen. In the colonies of hundreds and even thousands of ants formed a division of labor. That is why we often find the ants in a large group or even have established a home in our homes

The Ant is indeed very annoying with his presence at home. Because the ants make a House so dirty and can suddenly go into your ears when you are asleep. But besides that, the presence of ants outside our home environment and is an important component in the environment in order to play a role in the ecological balance of life. But once the ants entered home, of course, his whereabouts became a bully.

Natural ingredients to eradicate the Ants

Many ways in which you have to do to repel ants and other insects, ranging from the use of drugs, chemicals in the spray as well as other traditional ways. However, if you are confident with the use of chemicals in your House to repel ants? Because after all the chemicals can damage the health. For that what if you try to eradicate the ants in a natural way? Here we provide a way of Exterminating the ants at home.

1. Vinegar

Other natural ways to repel ants is by spraying the liquid vinegar in areas that many are going through the ants. Perhaps it would be more humane to you expel him rather than killing him. You can also use Apple vinegar or oil, paper mint. With the pungent smell of this fluid will make the ants are reluctant to draw close because it is considered something that is toxic.

2. Cucumber

Do you know that fact cucumber is disliked by ants! Even the ants have phobias. This is one of the natural and effective way to repel ants. You just need to cut the cucumber and put her on the spot in the ants are going through.

3. Mint

Do you like drinking Mint Tea? Or other drinks smelling mint? If Yes, don’t waste dregs of tea or the packaging waste. Since ants do not like the scent of mint, you can spread the tea dregs in an area that in going through the ants. If you do not have a drink with mint, you can use the mint leaves with mashing.

4. Lemon Juice

This way is easy and simple. You just need to mix lemon juice with a little water and spray on the area that there are ants. It is advised to not buy a lemon because it feared that the drinks have a high sugar and lemon juice.

5. Grits

In addition to the delicacy turns out Hominy can also repel ants, even kill. Put Hominy in a place many of his ants, when ants eat porridge this will expand and cannot be digested. The thing that will kill the ants.

6. Salt or Pepper

Salt in addition to repel snakes turns can also repel ants. You can use salt or pepper to repel ants. You stay put on the area contained units or is dissolved in water and spray on the area there are ants.

7. Baby Powder

Some of us are certainly very pleased to embrace or smell the baby. Moreover, if the baby just had a shower. Feels very fragrant and aromatic. It all comes from baby powder they use. Although we love the aroma of baby powder fragrance despising ants, it turns out. For that you can use baby powder in a way put on an existing area of ants or Ant on the House itself.


8. Chili Powder or Cinnamon

Not just ants, some of you might also very disturbed if not deliberately inhale chili powder more cinnamon. This will make you sneeze on your throat. For that you can use chili powder or cinnamon as a natural ingredient to eradicate the ants in your home. But don’t throw excessive chili powder because it can damage some components of your home and reduce your home’s cleanliness.

Well, that last few natural materials that we can use to repel ants at home. But anyway its use don’t overdo it Yes, because excessive use can damage the environment, even though the material is natural.

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