How To Get Rid of Fleas


Fleas are a problem of hair that is often a problem at present. A wide range of changes in the pattern of life that is supported by modern equipment can be a major cause of the rise of hair lice. In the United States six to twelve million children stricken with the lice problem.

How To Get Rid of Fleas
How To Get Rid of Fleas

The presence of fleas on the scalp often made the sufferer often scratch, especially when the lice suck blood in the scalp. If not removed immediately, then the female flea will lay eggs as many as six fruits a day, where the eggs will be hatched lice approximately 8 days.

This includes hair lice problem quite serious, because fleas can jump and move from our scalp to the hair of another person. As such, we will transmit the mite to relatives, friends, or the people close to us.

Hair lice parasites that live on the scalp and hair shaft. As it turns out, hair problems with head lice is not only for young children and adults can also be contracted. Need not be puzzling over how to remove lice nits and hair. Because, there are many ways to eliminate head lice hair by utilizing the following ingredients and can be set as a reference.

1. Eradicate ticks with garlic

The aroma of garlic is strong turns can eradicate head lice hair. Do I, simply by mixing eight to ten garlic already in the form of pasta with two to three teaspoons of water to the juice of a lime. Brush at the scalp and let sit for a half hour, then rinse until clean using warm water.

2. Salt can also eradicate head lice

Mix half a cup of table salt with half a cup of vinegar. Stir until evenly and put in a spray bottle. Spray on the entire section of hair until damp, then wrap using a shower cap for a little over two hours. Next, rinse to clean and brush conditioner. Repeat these steps for the next three days in a row to get optimum results.

3. Eggs lice on the head eroded with olive oil

Olive oil is one of the essential oil has many benefits, especially to eliminate head lice hair. A combination of a half cup of olive oil with a half cup of conditioner. Add a little liquid soap into it, stirring until evenly distributed.

Apply the fluid on the scalp and hair, let sit for an hour. Then, rinse until clean and DAB the conditioner returns for the final step, use a comb to erode dead hair lice.

4. Eradicate the lice eggs with Baby oil

Caring for the health of the hair and the scalp can also be using baby oil. Products for infants is able to eliminate head lice hair that stuck to the scalp and hair shaft. The trick is pretty easy, apply baby oil on the hair evenly. Then, comb the hair gradually to eliminate head lice hair.

Rinse the hair using the laundry detergent and warm water. After that, spray white vinegar on the hair before bed and wrap during one night. For the last step, on the morning of the day wash hair and apply conditioner.

5. Pull motion lice with coconut oil

The texture of coconut oil slick will impede the motion of the head lice hair. These conditions will be difficult for the hair lice proliferate. Tips to get rid of hair lice using coconut oil is by rinsing the hair using vinegar first.

Apply coconut oil on the scalp and hair evenly and wrap using a shower cap over the last six to eight hours. Next, comb the hair to hair lice and eroded wash using your favorite shampoo.

6. Expelling fleas with petroleum jelly

DAB petroleum jelly on the scalp and hair can make the hair lice away. The condition is a powerful way to eradicate head lice hair. Hair that has been set aside enough apply to petroleum jelly for one night.

Don’t forget to wrap it with a shower cap so that the fleas out of breath. Next up for tomorrow morning, use baby oil to remove the petroleum jelly. The last step is to remove the hair comb hair lice are dead.

7. Remove the hair lice with tea tree oil

One of the ingredients that contain insecticides is tea tree oil. Use a mixture of one teaspoon of tea tree oil, one ounce herbal shampoo and three tablespoons of coconut oil can be an alternative in removing hair lice. So that gets more optimal results, wrap the hair for approximately one and a half hours. Next, use warm water, rinse and comb the hair when wet for Eradicate hair lice.

8. Practical way to eliminate fleas with white vinegar

A practical and inexpensive way to get rid of hair lice is to use white vinegar. Dissolve the water and white vinegar with an equal comparison. Apply the fluid on the hair and scalp. The wrap uses a towel for about two hours. Next, use a hair comb comb soaked in vinegar.

9. Although slightly smelly, sesame oil is also potent to eradicate the lice

With antibacterial, anti-fungal to natural insecticide is the excess of sesame oil. The ingredients in it that can be used to eradicate the infestation of hair. Do I, simply by mixing ¼ cup sesame oil, 1/8 oil, neem leaves one teaspoon of tea tree oil, half teaspoon eucalyptus oil and rosemary oil as well as ten drops of lavender oil.

First, rinse the hair using the Apple vinegar. When it is dry, brush the liquid on the scalp and hair, wrap during one night. Later in the morning, a comb hair to remove lice and wash clean.

10. Mayonnaise

To obtain maximum results, choose full fat mayonnaise. Apply mayonnaise on the scalp and wrap using a shower cap for a night. Next morning, wash hair until clean. Don’t forget to comb hair to remove lice from the hair.

Eliminate head lice hair turns out to be able to use material that is in the House. Starting from kitchen herbs like garlic to baby care products. But remember, that needs to be on how to eradicate head lice hair can work, don’t forget to do regularly.

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