How To Get Rid of Gnats


How to repel mosquitoes could indeed be considered difficult. Mosquitoes can also referred to as animal pest or vermin which are often detrimental to humans, because the mosquito will bring disease. Despite being destroyed on a regular basis, the mosquitoes will come up again and again. This is the result of a mosquito that is very easy to breed.

How To Get Rid of Gnats
How To Get Rid of Gnats

Easy the mosquitoes breed will make the mosquito is very easy to be found because it could roam anywhere. Moreover, if the environment around the dwelling that is dirty and not payed, will surely make the mosquito is comfortable to live.

Clogged gutters are places most favored by mosquitoes and become one of the places that are very likely to breed. In addition the garbage-strewn garbage and no one cares also became a favorite place for breeding.

What more when the rainy season arrives, rain water that pooled on the garbage-strewn plastic trash everywhere will be in one place to help mosquitoes breed. At this time the article will talk about how to eradicate the mosquitoes. Let us refer to the joint. Here are some ways that you can use as a reference to eradicate mosquitoes, the explanation is as follows.

1. Clean the Surroundings

Hygiene is becoming the key to eradicate and break the chain of breed mosquitoes. Though not 100 percent gone, at least most of the mosquitoes will perish. Don’t let the sewer around your home not flowing properly, this will support the mosquitoes breed rapidly.

If there is a plastic garbage strewn everywhere, immediately clean the grave or in fuel. Because when left alone, when the rain arrived, certainly there are puddles on the plastic which could be mosquitos invite to come and eventually lodged there.

Furthermore, don’t forget to clean all areas of your home on a regular basis in the morning and afternoon. Pay attention to the parts that became a favorite place of mosquitoes such as under tables, under cabinets, curtains, etc.

If you have children in the home area, then you are obliged to regularly tidy up, clean the dried leaves are falling, the grass begins to tidy up the length. It will also reduce the presence of mosquitoes in an area of your home.

2. Using eucalyptus oil

Besides being used as a powerful healing brush the former mosquito bites or hives, eucalyptus oil can also be used to eradicate the mosquitoes. Because the scent of the eucalyptus oil is not liked by mosquitoes, so take advantage to throw her out.

Any way of making it easy enough, prepare bottle sprayers that are unused, don’t forget to clear first. Enter the water roughly half the bottle only, for easier time shuffling. Next, put some drops of eucalyptus oil until it smells wafted.

Don’t forget to do shuffling so that the liquid is mixed evenly. Well, it is now ready to use, you simply do the spraying throughout the corners of your home. The mosquito will be guaranteed a run for all.

3. Using Lavender oil and yeast

Lavender is a familiar and often used to mix the ingredients the makers of fuel, insect repellent spray, and also the lotion. Well, if you want to make it yourself at home can also. In addition, you can use as an aromatherapy and make the room into the fragrant, you can also use to repel mosquitoes, of course.

The trick is pretty easy, you just need to purchase the lavender oil and yeast in advance. Calm, lavender oil and yeast prices very affordable. If the material is all ready, you can pour water into a small jar or a small glass unused. Enter the water approximately 10 percent of the total space that is in the jar or glass.

Then enter the lavender oil and yeast. Do not forget to stir-stir, so ingredients can be mixed evenly. Well, now you are ready to use. Put the jar or glass on where the mosquito is often used for nesting.

4. Use the color yellow or Orange

Yellow or orange is a color that tends to not be liked by mosquitoes. You can use this color for a few second room decor of your home. Curtains are one of the places preferred by mosquitoes to hide. Maybe you can use curtains that have a motive of those colors. Though not 100 percent, the color combination also does not matter.

5. Use the leaves of Lemongrass

Lemongrass leaves that are usually used for seasonings when cooking, now can also be used to repel mosquitoes. The production was pretty easy, you just need to fine-tune the Lemongrass with the blender and add a little water. Then you can filter it first before putting in a spray bottle that is unused. Next, you can do spraying throughout your home.

6. Use orange peel

Orange Peel is indeed often used as an ingredient blend for Burns, insect repellent spray and lotion as well. Well, this time you could make it a natural with at home. Dry it beforehand under the blazing sun. If it is dry you can use it in a way put in various corners of your home. In addition to repel mosquitoes, dried orange peel, this will also generate a fresh scent of citrus.

7. Use Lemon

Lemon is a well-known substance as an antiseptic and disliked by insects including mosquitoes. You can use the lemon to make mosquito repellent ingredients at home. Squeeze of lemon, then enter some fruit juice into the bottle sprayers. Add water sparingly and do not forget to do shuffling so that the liquid is evenly distributed. The last process, you can Spraying throughout your home.

8. Use Garlic

Garlic is one of the herbs that have a pungent aroma and sharp. Well, this kind of scent that is not liked by mosquitoes. Well, you can take advantage of these conditions. Make a natural repellent ingredient with garlic for yourself at home. First, you simply do the boiling some cloves, peeled white bottom. Wait a few moments and chill it first. Put water into stew results in a spray bottle. Well, now you can already in application in the home.

9. Use coffee grounds to eradicate the Mosquito Eggs

The coffee is a favorite material often made drinks to accompany a relaxing time in our home. Now the coffee powder can also be used for mosquito repellent material. You can try it at home very easily. Because the coffee grounds are the material easy to obtain.

Sprinkle coffee grounds around your home that often there is a puddle of water. The interaction between water and coffee grounds will cause mosquito egg to move up to the surface of the water. This will make the mosquito eggs lack of oxygen and makes it difficult to hatch.

10. Using Mothballs

Camphor is famous enough, it smells pungent and this also includes the not liked by mosquitoes. You can use mothballs and create at home. Its manufacture was not taking a long time. Prepare a glass of water and then blend the mothballs in advance. Next, enter the camphor powder into a glass. Put the glasses in some corner of the room of your home.

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