How To Get Rid of Sugar Ants


Have you ever felt irritated due to stock, sugar has been stored in a sealed container, thus becomes the place partying the ants? Not everyone knows what to do when the sugar in the jar into Ant nests. Anyone let alone, sugar drying, clean it even though the old unisex who willingly dispense stock sugar.

How To Get Rid of Sugar Ants
How To Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Unfortunately, the existence of a group of ants in the sugar indeed sucks, but do not let it make you lose sense. If you frequently experience it and until now do not know how to overcome this problem, we recommend that you refer to keeping this article.

There are many ways to do so that the stock of sugar you are safe from attack ants and Ant guaranteed would not dare meet Your sugar container, among others.

1. Insert cloves in a jar

Most anti Ant with the scent of cloves, so by entering 4-5 grains of clove in Your sugar container, guaranteed the ants will not be approached.

2. Enter the lime leaves

Not just the clove, it turns out that ants also hate the scent of lime leaves. So by entering 2-3 lime leaves, then the ants will stay away and will not come back again. Don’t forget to replace lime leaves when it is dry or not flavorful longer.

3. Banish the Ants with betel leaf

Betel leaf has a distinctive aroma which makes the Ant was not fond of staying in Your sugar container. Do I simply take a few pieces of betel leaves, then squeeze till the aroma comes out. Then put in a container of sugar, and let sit until the ants out yourself, you can close it with a new meeting.

4. With coffee powder

Coffee grounds have scent of the fragrant, but unfortunately less ants love it. Therefore, you could put coffee grounds in a cloth or paper towels, then put in a container of sugar. Slowly but surely, the ants will stay away from Your sugar container.

5. Sliced cucumber

Sliced cucumber can also help you resolve your problem. Do I simply put the sliced cucumber in the plastic, then put it in a container of sugar. The typical scent of cucumber in ants making a run from the place of Your sugar.
After learning the tricks and how to repel ants in the sugar container above, surely you don’t need morning stress, let alone to perform silly to throw away Your sugar stock. Good luck!

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