How to Hide Safari on iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Safari is the default browser on iOS devices, and Mac computers that you are familiar with. Many of the online activities I do with iOS devices access to Safari, from opening various other websites.

How to Hide Safari on iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
How to Hide Safari on iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Initially this app can only be used on Mac OS X only. However, in mid 2007 Apple launched Safari browser application for Windows operating system. Safari application is different from other browser applications, because it emphasizes the convenience and convenience of its users.

On the safari we will see a much different view, where the design elements are very sophisticated, so that makes our browsing more fun.

SnapBack: This facility serves to return to the starting point of browsing activity after visiting the many place’s website. Progress Bar: With this facility we can know how fast the website page appears on the screen.

For security, the facilities are still standing. For speedy access, arguably Safari is a champion. Because Safari is designed as a lightweight and fast browser.

Apple does not provide Safari, delete feature because this app links to a variety of other services and could mess up the operating system if it is lost. But make no mistake, you can hide Safari in a simple and fast way.

Here’s how to hide Safari for iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

  1. Go to Settings – General – Restrictions.
  2. Enable Restrictions feature if you have not used it yet. Create a 4 digit security code and record it in a safe place.
  3. After entering Restriction, press, Safari button to turn off access in Homescreen.
  4. Done, please close the Settings app and try searching Safari on Homescreen.

In addition to notes, you can still access various links from social media like Twitter, Facebook or MM Reader and use the in-app browser feature. But with the in-app browser, you can only read and press other links on it alias can not write the URL you want to go as if using Safari.

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