How To Lose Lower Belly Fat


The lower abdomen is one of the favorite places for the flab. The more fat is stored there, then the greater the form our stomach. If it is so, then we have to figure out how to shrink the stomach down quickly.

How To Lose Lower Belly Fat
How To Lose Lower Belly Fat

Previously we have shared on how to shrink belly and also how to lose fat in the abdomen. Therefore, to equip it this time going to share about how to shrink the lower abdomen rapidly. Here are the steps.

Adjust your caloric intake into the body. It’s not so easy to turn down the lower abdomen. These factors because of the habit of eating patterns so much fat in the abdomen, as well as a sitting habits affect abdominal fat at the bottom into a pileup.

Even if you managed to shrink the stomach or upper part of the body other however, often the lower abdomen is missing and never shrink. You need to remember, the pattern of living and eating patterns will affect the process of diminution lower abdomen.

Fat intake should be able to control You, because how many calories into your body will affect the formation of Your lower abdomen. The greater the calories you consume, the greater the chances of Your lower abdomen enlarges.

If the number of calories you eat is greater than the number of calories in, calories out, then they will be stored in the form of fat. Vice versa, if the number of calories that come out larger than the number of calories that goes, the body will burn calories. Therefore control Your caloric intake.

Controlling stress

Most people often experience stress and can’t control it so that it can cause excessive appetite. It can trigger a number of calories that go in great numbers.

People who are experiencing stress and vent on food will usually eat all the food he wants, not that he needed. So as much as possible Your stress in order to control your appetite can also be controlled.


By exercising will greatly assist the process of burning the calories in your body. This can also be done to get the lower abdomen. You must choose a sport that focuses on the abdomen down. Here are some of the sports that you can do as a way to shrink the stomach below:

1. Backing up

Do this movement by way of sleeping in face-down and then move your body up and then down again repeatedly. Backing up is the movement from aerobic gymnastics.

2. Sit up
Are familiar, do sit ups this movement can burn fat in your belly. In addition to burning fat can also slimming body.

3. Bicycle exercise

This movement is similar to bicycle exercise when you are cycling. But done by putting both hands behind your head, raise your knees to your chest while lifting the head towards the side. Move your legs as cycling. Do a few times count.

4. Candle attitudes

The attitude of the candles is one of aerobic gymnastics movement from the other. The trick is pretty easy, you simply lie down, then lift both your legs up until your stomach is elevated, hold it with both hands you. Hold some of the counts, then lower. Do repeatedly.

5. Ball crunch

Ball crunch this movement is similar to the motion of sit ups. It’s just that the movement is done on top of the ball great. There are usually in place.

6. Cycling

Cycling is a cheap and easy way to burn the fat in your body. In this sport you can do during Your free time, while on vacation, or even you go to the Office or school using a bicycle.

7. Running or brisk walking

Brisk walking or running is very easy to do and will help Your body’s fat burning. Do it on a regular basis in order to make the dream of owning a small lower abdominal ever materialized. A 30-minute run is enough. Running and brisk walking are one movement from a very effective cardio to shrink the stomach. Need not be long, but did routinely.

8. Other exercise variations

In addition to a wide range of sports at the top, you can also do a range of other movements such as variations of push ups, frog jump, stretching the thighs, and split.

Drinking water white

Drink plain water that much, at least 8 cups per day to help improve Your body’s metabolism. With metabolic processes that smoothly, then the fat burning process will also take place.

Enough sleep

Quality of sleep, you also affect your body shape, one of them the lower abdomen. Therefore, sufficient sleep 7-8 hours per day. Don’t impose your body work constantly because the body you need to rest.

In addition to the various ways of discouraging the belly button that has been mentioned above, it’s good to you, consult a nutritionist, if you do plan to go on a diet. If you prefer to work out in the gym, ask his coach a sport that focuses to shrink the lower abdomen.

To make you not feel tired of exercise alone, you can invite friends or anyone so there’s a spark in you. It could be You while listening to music while exercising.

All the effort you put into the stomach to shrink the bottom depending on the diligence of your own. In addition to remembering back like has been said before, you should pay attention to eating patterns and the patterns of your life.

To eating patterns or patterns of life you can see directly on the articles we’ve ever discussed. If you’ve been seeking all means which have been described here, then you’re just staying patient looking forward to the results of your hard work to get your dreams.

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