How To Renew an Expired Passport


Sometimes when renewal a passport which has expired the process will be complicated if your document is incorrect, for example the original passport is damaged and even lost. Renew a passport expiring in addition can be done directly, it can also be online by sending the passport renewal form DS-82.

How To Renew an Expired Passport
How To Renew an Expired Passport

Much you can select through the Passport Office, the regional passport agency, via regular postal mail, post office, County Clerks Office, or if you are outside the United States can through the Embassy. But how to renew an expired passport the easiest is via the Office of passport.

Why choose the Passport Office? This is because the Passport Office has all the documents that later you need, including other related requirements and also the form DS-82 to renew your old passport. As for the fee will be determined by the type of passport processing services such as regular or accelerated.

The most important things you should know before filing a renewal passport in the United States is the only passport expiring that has a validity of 10 years, which may be accepted for renewal, while for a child passport is valid only 5 years, must be made using the new passport application form DS-11.

An expired passport renewal process depending on the type of service you choose. If you choose the renewal regular processing time is 6 to 8 weeks and renewal via Postal Offices process estimation Expedition 4 to 6 weeks. Then the fastest processing time is an extension via Private forwarders and via the Regional Passport Agency, due to be completed in the same day.

Before applying for a passport expired in the United States, some guidelines about errors the following requirements you must meet. The Passport is damaged or missing, as this will cause you trouble to verify all the information as the main requirements for the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Passport is limited to this you need to solve first before you apply. Expired passport which has been exceeding 15 years. Passports are only valid 5 years and must apply for a new one. Tax problem, you can’t file an extension of the passport if it still has debts of taxes. How to renew Passport? Let’s look at the following two easy steps.

The First Step:
Revisiting all the requirements document and don’t forget to bring the required documents, i.e. original documents and the photocopies. Documents required is proof of citizenship, passport Fees, passport photos, and form DS-82.

The Second Step:
You have to be smart to choose a service extension in accordance with needs, as we have explained at the beginning of a long time to renew the Passport expiration depends on the service you select. We hope how to renew an expired passport that we gave this can be your reference.

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