How To Sync Xbox One Controller


Play Xbox One indeed is so much fun, so many different review has issued related gaming experience wearing the new controller. Many who agree that the Xbox One is indeed a notch better than the Xbox 360. Gamepad previously already very fantastic in terms of design and more, but this one is more special again.

How To Sync Xbox One Controller
How To Sync Xbox One Controller

Analog stick made of plastic is very in need if you want to play games become more comfortable. As this will help to give more comfort, especially when you play the game fighting and the like.

As Microsoft’s flagship product in the fight the eighth-generation game console, the Xbox One is a multi purpose box there can be proud of you. What are the advantages? This console will allow you to make the shift quickly between games, applications, and also the integration of the best sound that has never existed in other technology products.

Microsoft continues to make improvements to its newest feature, so that the product has features that are more interesting and hope is able to affect people who are hesitant to buy the product. Well, here we will give how to sync the Xbox controller on one you can do very easily.

Connect Xbox One controller using the button console peripherals

1. The first step, turn on the Xbox One console.

2. The second step, insert the rechargeable batteries from the Xbox One Play or AA batteries into the controller is the Xbox One. Next look at Your Wireless Controller Xbox One.

3. The third step, turn on the Xbox One controller You by holding the button until the Xbox controller is turned on. You need to remember that the Xbox button is part of a larger circular button located in the middle of the controller at the top.

The next Xbox button will blink, and it shows that the controller is not yet connected to the console. But if the official view button the Xbox already lit solid, that mark the controller already connected perfectly.

4. The fourth step, press and releases the button connections also exist on the console. On Xbox One S, buttons connect is a small circular button located on the front of exactly at the bottom of the power button. While the original One for the Xbox, button connect is a small circular button that is visible and is located next to the exact angle of the disc tray.

5. The fifth step, after 20 seconds, press and hold down the connect black also in the back of the controller so that the Xbox button will Flash quickly dive a couple of times. And this means that the controller is looking for consoles, and once connected will switch to solid light.

Well, now this controller has successfully connected to the console, but if you want to connect more than one controller you can repeat this procedure. You can connect up to a total of as many as eight wireless controllers to the console.

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