How to Take the Stress out of Planning a Wedding


You finally found your soul mate and love is in the air. Maybe you are engaged or thinking about your happily ever after together. Depending on what type of wedding you plan to have the seasons will make a difference because seasons change and so do the types of weddings.

How to Take the Stress out of Planning a Wedding
How to Take the Stress out of Planning a Wedding

Although June and July are the most popular months to get married, consider your options before you settle on a plan.

Winter: A winter wedding can inspire creams colors frost and pearl whites. Snow covered trees can make for a fantastic classic backdrop. Winter weddings are not as popular because of the weather but snow bunnies can cuddle up under the fire.

If you are looking for a color palate to match the chilly month consider a rich brown or warm tan mixed with a frosty pink or magenta. Another option is to do navy and gray paired with blue or cream and gold.

Spring: Spring lovebirds can celebrate with fresh flowers and sunshine in the air. Depending where you live there may still be a nip in the air but your color palate can brighten the mood. Take your inspiration from the flowers and sunny sky and pick aqua blues or burst of orange. This can add a flavor of fun to your wedding.

Summer: Summer is by far the most popular time to get married. The warm weather makes for a perfect outdoor wedding scenario. If you are looking for fresh ideas use the farmers market for inspiration. Bright pinks, oranges purples can add a lot of flavor. Coral is a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses.

Fall: The fall is a fresh time to celebrate your love. Leaves fall from the tress with bright bursts of auburn oranges can entice a entire wedding palate. Think brown with lavender, sage green or baby pink. These colors are calming and relaxing.

After you choose a season it is important to give yourself and your wedding party enough time to prepare for the wedding. Although there are many details that go into planning the event, don’t forget to take care of yourself through the process.

Continue to exercise, eat healthy and care for your teeth. Many brides and grooms whiten their teeth before their wedding day. Visit your dentist for a cosmetic appointment and they can help you feel confident about your smile for the big day. Enjoy the process of planning your wedding, because it will go by fast.

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