How To Tame a Horse in Minecraft


Minecraft is a game about placing the blocks to build something out of his imagination. At night the monsters will come out, be sure to build a shelter before that happens. A player in Minecraft will have plenty of freedom to choose how to play that you most like.

How To Tame a Horse in Minecraft
How To Tame a Horse in Minecraft

The main purpose of Minecraft is to give the knowledge to survive and avoid attacks of monsters, commonly known in the game as the hostile mobs like skeletons, zombies, creepers, and building shelters.

Game Minecraft is basically made of stone are in a grid pattern in the stacking of different materials, such as trees, water, soil, and rocks. Objects in Minecraft only can be made into a grid of blocks, the player will collect the blocks of material and then put the block in place, so that you can create a variety of constructions.

Minecraft has three game modes that are creative, survival, and classic. Classic mode is the free version that originally appeared only in a creative mode, and only with buildings only. While for block placement and destroy the blocks is very limited.

The game is then broken down into single-player survival, commonly referred to as test mode of survival. In test mode, it contains a monster, block, items, and player must mine their own blocks. If you have an adventure in the world of Minecraft Survival or being on pasture, surely you will find a bunch of horses.

If in the real world of horses can be used as a means of transport, in the world of Minecraft you can also ride a horse as a means of transportation. Well, to ride a horse in Minecraft you must tame first. How to tame a horse in Minecraft, here is the easiest way that you can try.

1. Find a Saddle
Technically not saddle needed to tame the horses, but the saddle is useful for controlling or riding a horse after a tame. If you do not use the saddle, you can still breeding, led him and occupied its back without being able to control it.

In Minecraft, the saddle could not be made and can only in may in several ways, i.e. exchanging goods to villagers, getting by way of fishing, and jugs can be found in the treasure chest that’s in the forest.

2. Search Horses
Horses usually appear on the plains or savanna biomes. These biomes usually have a flat and grassy surface, and also have trees scattered in there. You need to know, the horse in the game Minecraft has a difference of color and pattern that is slightly different.

3. Taming Horses
How to tame a horse in Minecraft, namely by way of approaching the horse and then will appear the words Mount and select the text and automatically you will be riding on a horse. When you ride a horse make sure your hands are empty.

Not only that, when you manage to ride a horse the horse is going to be a wild so that you’ll easily fall. Don’t give up, try to keep up the horses because every time you try to climb, the bigger the chance to tame it. In the end you will be able to successfully tame the horse.

4. Control of the Horse
After successfully taming the horse, now it’s time to take control by means of mounting the saddle. How to install a saddle for a horse in Minecraft, namely by selecting the button on the point of the arrow.

In addition, you can also add armor for horses in Minecraft, how to install armor is also the same as installing the saddle. So that your horse does not go, when you finish the steed, you can use rope to tie and feeding your horse.

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