How To Unclog a Toilet


How to troubleshoot Toilet clogged you should try if you had stress with a toilet that never improved. In everyday life, it’s usually an assortment of community habits when using public toilets. Some are aware about the impact that would occur if using public facilities are not good and some are not aware even indifferent with behaviors that can harm others. As well as throwing away cigarette butts, tissue, or pads on the toilet will impact badly on the overall performance of the toilet itself.

How To Unclog a Toilet
How To Unclog a Toilet

To address the incidence of clogged toilets, actually only needed a little awareness, concern and also the attention of various parties using the toilet, particularly of use in public restrooms that are often problematic because users often indifferent with the long-term impact that would be caused. Trivial things that can have a major impact if constantly in letting continue.

Therefore, do the prevention of small things through early and make it a habit to behave that should be done. Well, this time we will discuss about how to fix the toilet clogged easily. Here are some ways that you can use as reference materials to address the toilet clogged, the explanation is as follows.

1. Awareness and care while using the toilet

While using the toilet in particular public toilets should necessary awareness and concern of each individual. Bad habits that are often done like throwing away is punting smoking, tissue, and also pads in vain will lead to becoming clogged toilet and of course performance will also decline. Things like this are often found in public toilets.

Women are sometimes intentionally throw the pads in vain due to reasons of embarrassment took him out. Actually, it does not matter if the pads, all arouse people also understand if women indeed routine dating months. You can prepare the plastic on the move in anticipation towards the urgent matters like that. So, actually the living consciousness of each individual. Note the start from small things though, because of the little things will be able to cause a major impact.

2. Use the Soda Fire

Fire soda often known as sodium hydroxide. The soda fire yourself if it reacts directly with water will cause bubbles. The event will greatly help you in the process of the destruction of objects or dirt that accumulate and clog the toilet in particular is organic. With the soda fire physically looks solid, don’t worry with that kind of conditions because the soda fire will not clog your toilets. Gradually will expand because it is always interacting directly with water. The soda fire also proved to be quite potent and safe used.

3. Use the tool Vacuum Toilet that Has Good Suction Power

Tool vacuum or suction toilet is often used in case of obstacles as well as toilets are clogged. If at the time you do your watering on toilet water looks like overflow occurs, don’t do any watering again in large numbers, water will flow instead of the feared precisely instead of water is increasingly overflowing. This may happen to your toilet blockages.

Use tool vacuum toilet that has good suction power to help you. Usually the vacuum tool applies the material in the form of a thick rubber will further maximize the process of sucking because this material has proven a strong suction power in the process to help you resolve the problem of this kind.

4. Use Enzyme Products to address A Clogged Toilet

The use of products that are enzyme can help you in handling problems with the toilet clogged. Product enzyme proven to be more secure than the other chemical products as it will not damage the tubes that connect the hose section closet to the final disposal.

Usage is quite easy, just pour the product in accordance with the rules of use into the hole in the bowl of your toilet. But you need to note this product can only be used to troubleshoot a blockage due to dirt, organic instead of clogging due to other solid objects such as cigarettes, is punting tissue, pads and even toys.

5. Use Baking Soda And Vinegar Solution

Before you apply the baking soda and vinegar solution will be more optimally again if you pour hot water first from range as high as a serving plate into the hole of the toilet you so shit-organic impurities can be softened and pushed. Hot water boost this could possibly reduce blockages that exist. After a few moments you can apply the baking soda and vinegar solution and leave it overnight. On the morning of checking if there were still puddles and try to even soak it again. If still not successful means there may be a clog the tubes hard objects in your toilet. Try using the hanger unused clothes made of iron

6. Use a Plumbing Snake

Plumbing snake or often called the cleaners made from pliable wire is often used to help clinch the blockage on the toilet. This tool when used will follow grooves channel the toilet so that it will not damage and scratch the part of your toilet. In this way also many successful due to the flexibility of the wire owned this tool will be able to reach out to hard objects that get caught in your toilet.

7. Use a Wet vacuum cleaner Tool or Dried

If you’ve got a vacuum cleaner, you can take advantage of these tools to help you in an attempt to overcome the clogged toilet. Draining puddles that pooled at the bowl of your toilet by using a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure the toilet until it is completely dry in order to simplify the process of solid objects are siphoned off the clog. When it is completely dry, you can insert the hose into the vacuum cleaner hole closet and push enter to several centimeters. After the reasonably enough, you can power the instrument vacuum ashes were. Use one hand while pushing in slowly. It is often successful way to do.

8. Use Liquid Dishwasher Soap

Pour liquid dish SOAP, liquid shampoo or liquid resulting from the soaking bath SOAP-shaped rod into your toilet as a way of overcoming the toilet clogged. Liquid soap turns out to be used as it will break down the fat in dirt clogged. Wait about half an hour, so that the liquid soap react first. Afterwards you can even soak it with water several times so that the remains of dirt that can clog the water soluble so that it can reduce the level of blockage. Do it this way with regularity, so clogged dirt can be addressed early.

9. Use Bleach Clothes

This method is similar to the way the dish SOAP. Pour liquid bleaches clothes into the hole of your toilet. Add the SOAP powder to taste. Let sit a few moments so that a solution of bleach and soap powder reacts perfectly in advance. Afterwards you can even soak it using the water many times so that the rest of the impurities that cause the congestion could be dissolved along with the water. Doing it this way on a regular basis if necessary in order to help prevent early on before that happens.

10. Use Wire Or Wire-Hanger

Align the wire that you will use it first. You can use the wire-hanger unused again. Make indentations like the tip of the hook on a fishing tool to help make it easier for you when doing a test run in an attempt to overcome the clogged toilet.

Insert the wire into the hole in the bowl of your toilet. Do with slowly so as not to scratch your toilet. Push slowly until the tip of the wire stuck to the object that is causing your toilet is clogged. Move in the direction of the wire ends up circling snagged by objects clogged. Having already feels stuck, pull it slowly so that objects are not apart again.

If the object is successfully drawn, try to do the watering. If the water flows smoothly mean no longer exist other objects are still lagging behind.

11. Use a cleaning Liquid Chemical, Water Channels

You can make use of the cleaning chemical water channels to help you overcome the clogged toilet. This fluid can you get in stores of chemicals, the gadget store or large department stores in the environment around you. How to use this as a last resort if forced to use other ways, yet still hasn’t resolved too. Because the fluid these include toxic substances for humans and other living things as animals. In addition, it also has liquid, corrosive properties that could damage your pipes. Another impact caused will certainly damage the environment.

The conclusion to be drawn that the ways already described above could possibly be a reference material and help you solve a problem like a clogged toilet in your home. May be useful and thank you.

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